Michigan Convertible Spectrum Conversion
Using the Micro Beast motor and brick

The page design uses what is called “Roll over pop up”,  The pictures on the left of the screen are the menu.  Placing the curser on a picture, you want to see, will cause it to pop up larger.  Slide the curser down or up over the next picture and that picture will pop up larger.  This is a way to make many pictures larger all on one page.  While the desired picture is displayed you can press “Ctrl P” and print it.

The 2 following files are spread sheets listing the model numbers of conversion parts, static thrust of motors as related to specific motor battery combinations and weights of components. The weights of FLY-M model airframes is also included.

Open Office:  Spectrum mini components details.ods

Excell:            Spectrum mini components details.xls

Spectrum mini comonent details.ods Spectrum mini component details.xls